I'm an emotional guppy

Are you one of those people who watches a sad commercial or hear a sad song and shed a tear? I AM!!! I am an emotional guppy. I cry about everything! I was reading a story on a Hmong lady getting killed by her husband and I started crying non-stop. Granted it was a super sad story and it deserved tears, but I was at work. My makeup was all messed up and my boss thought someone died in my family.

On the rout I drive home to would usually be a homeless person asking for change. I know I don’t know him and for all I know he could be wealthier than me and choose to beg for money for a living due to a drug addiction. But I end up creating this super sad story in my head that he needs my help. Maybe that is why my boyfriend doesn’t let me carry cash…. He knows that I would probably end up giving it all away.

There are just too many sad things in life, and I feel guilty for the life I have now. I feel like in order to be fair we should all live equally, but things don’t always play out that way. When I was growing up I always told my mom If god allows me to become rich and famous I won’t sit there and not do anything, I will make sure there won’t be one hungry person or pet in this world. I wish that everyone in this world has a home. My mom told me to stop dreaming. People like us will never be rich or famous. Those two things come hand in hand. Rich people will get richer and famous people come from rich families. Mama was right, but it doesn’t stop me from believing that someone somewhere will accomplish these things and gain power to change the world.

The child in me believes that would happen and the adult in me is calling myself naive. The child in me is fading and forces me to look at this world with a more realistic point of view.

“Janie, you can’t even save Ginger, good luck in saving the world.” ;(


  1. No, don't give up on this huge and unselfish dream. You WILL save Ginger and someday you'll help hundreds, thousands, or millions of people around the world! I believe in you & so do a lot of your other friends! ♥♥♥

  2. Beth! your kind words are always encouraging to read. You are becoming one of my favorite person to share thoughts with. Thank you for the on going support and taking out your time to be friend the little bitty me in this big big world. Thank you for your donations.

  3. I wrote this up yesterday, but was somewhat afraid of saying anything, because I am afraid it is not my place.
    I think you should stop being so hard on yourself and stop carrying so much on your shoulders. You are a great person and you have a lot of things going on. But guess what - you have a lot of friends, too. And friends are there to help you, if you can't manage something. However, I think that you CAN do anything you want to. You are quite a successful woman and I look up to you (in a good way). I see you as a strong and beautiful being who can do anything she puts her mind to.

    And you CAN save Ginger. I am sure of it. If you'd like, I can refer my readers to your blog as well. I can't stand seeing an animal suffer, and the animal's owner along with him/her :(

    Hang in there. You CAN save the world, not alone and it will just take a while, but you can!

  4. Awwwww...Janien! Well at least you think of people! ehehehh =) I am HMONG.. and I hear a lot of those kind of stories! Its pretty freaky!