It seems like death is all around us this year. The tragedy in Haiti and now Japan. Is the world really coming to an end?

Two people at my office had a family member passed away. Granted they were in their old age, but i can't seem to feel sad for them. I am not a very good at dealing with deaths.

One of my co-worker is an older lady. Her mother died on Friday, which was her birthday. I feel so bad for her. I remember just the other day asking how she was going to celebrate her birthday, she reply to me saying she want to spend it with her mother. Her mother was 80 years old, but the fact that she died on her birthday made it even more sad.

I can't even imagine if my own mother passed away what i would do. My mom is my inspiration and my reason for living. Without her i don't know if i can go on. All my goals revolves around her. This kinda hit a nerve. I really need to get my mom to retire faster!! She refuse to retire which really irritates me. She is going to be in her 50s soon, she has no business working as a cook. We use to be poor that is why she has to work so hard 62-70 hours a week. Now that i am older i want her to stop working so much. 3 of her co-worker has gotten cancer. I know i can't say it's because of the job that is why they have cancer, but i want her to be as far away from death as much as possible.

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