Cousin's Wedding

So I've been pretty down these couple of weeks because of ginger, but on top of my beloved puppy i feel extremely guilty for not being able to attend my cousin's wedding in Hong Kong. I have looked forward to this day my whole life. She was like a sister to me. My aunt personally called me again and again asking, pleading, and crying for me to attend her wedding. Since i just got back from Asia my work won't let me go again. I wish i knew about this sooner or else i would of gone, but things did not go according to plan. Looking at her beautiful pictures on facebook makes me cry that i couldn't be there on the biggest day of her life. I feel like i have personally faded our relationship a little bit more because i wasn't able to be there. I am even jealous of my half sister who was able to attended. She is the most gorgeous bride i have ever seen. I only wish her the best in her journey of marriage. I guess we are no longer kids anymore....


  1. Hi Janie,

    Don't feel so down. You're always so hard on yourself! I'm sure even though your cousin was sad that you couldn't come, she understands your situation. If you haven't already, maybe you could send her a really nice note with the monetary gift and explain how badly you wanted to be there. Sometimes, truthful, heartfelt words mean more than anything else. :)

  2. I'm sure your cousin understands what's going on. you can always make it up to her in the near future =D