Unexplainable sadness

Whenever i am down i have always told myself there are far worse situations out there that is worth my tears. This time i can't seem to find a reason to cheer myself up because it's happening to something i love. I know to some people this might be the dumbest thing in the world to be sad over, but to feel emotion is what makes us human.

I feel so guilty. My puppy Ginger try to jump off the table today breaking her leg. Although it is simple for a human to heal a broken bone, it is not that simple for a small dog. Her injury is where her joints are. This causes her a lot of pain. In order for us to save her we need to take her to a specialist. The surgery can cost up to 2-5 thousand dollars. I love my puppy, but i just don't know where i can come up with the money for that at this time. I just got her and i didn't think this would happen so soon. The vet said if i can't come up with the money i may want to consider putting her to sleep to save her the pain..

I know i am selfish but i really want to keep her alive. I feel so guilty if i was at home this would of never happened. If i knew this was gonna happen i rather skip work than go. I don't know what i am going to do.

I know this is a lot to ask, but i don't know who else to turn to but my internet friends. If you have even a dollar to spare, please help Ginger.

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  1. I used to own a dog. I loved him just like he was family. He was more than just a pet to me, he was a companion. My dog had an illness. It was too much money, it took me too long to save up, I started feeling horrible to see my dog suffering day after day... I did the only thing I could do. I can tell my dog knew what he saw in my eyes. I was crying. So I had them put him to sleep.

  2. I wrote a long comment but it got deleted. ;___;

    Basically, what I said was that on facebook you have about 200 friends. If each friend gives $10 then that's your 2k for the surgery! I really hope everyone contributes whatever they can coz I know exactly what you're going through--had to send my dog for two surgeries (one for a tumor and the other for her cancer) but in the end I still had to pay to put her down. :(

    I'll support you, even if it's just a little.

  3. thanks Beth!
    I have 5000 friends on myspace if everyone gave me like .50cents it would be great, but 5000 friends about 3000 are haters and only 1000 are people who actually support me. But either way i really appreciate your support. This is really selfish of me wanting to spend so much money on a dog, but i can't let her go.

  4. :( poor ginger!!
    I know how you feel Janie,my pom swallowed a bone when she was 5 months old, and she had to do surgery to get it out,it was my fault for not paying close attention to her tho,but i realize that i've became a more responsible person after this, everything happens for a reason, we grow stronger as we go thru these tough times,Im sure u will pull thru.. best wishes to you and ginger.
    May I suggest one thing, if u really cant come up with the money for surgery, I think you can give her to the humane society, they can probably help you, but that also means that you will loose ginger, but she still young and so cute, im sure theres alotta people thats willing to adopt her, its a life, i dont think she deserves to be put to sleep, just cause you cant afford to pay for surgery. I know im not really helping right now, but i think this is a better idea then putting her down. Take care<3