Ready for a New Puppy

My peanut

I recently got a new Puppy for Christmas name Peanut. You might seen pictures of him on my myspace. he is the most adorable puppy ever. He is a purebred Golden Retriever. I was never a dog person much, but ever since i got peanut my whole family adores him. He is the first one we all go to when we get home from work. Peanut is such a smart dog, he is everything i wanted. I can't wait to take him to the beach again. I only had him for about a month not even and we already have great memories together. I never understood how anyone can love their dog so much, and now i know. Golden Retrievers are bigger dogs, and will eventually have to live outside. Peanut's parents are both 75~80 pounds each. I know this fact when i first got him. We wanted a dog we can play with, run with, and enjoy the out doors with. Peanut is the perfect fit.

Now that Peanut is about 10 weeks old, i am already starting to miss his baby fat and neediness. I got him at just 6 weeks old! He was so adorable!


Shih Tzu


Now that i got a out door dog i really want a indoor dog. I am considering Pekingese, Shih tzu Maltese, or even mixed. I want something small, cuddly, and calm. I use to have a Pomeranian name princess pei pei, well he wasn't really mine. she was my brothers. My mom got it for him for a $100. It was the biggest mistake of our lives! At that time my brother was young and didn't know how to care for a dog. The puppy kinda went crazy. We had to give him away. I am still afraid to get another one, what if i can't redeem us?

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