Older men

Driving to work today i have came to the conclusion that i am attracted to older men. I have always dated guys who are a year or a couple of months younger than me, perhaps it's because i look younger than my actual age. I have always find older men more interesting. In my eyes Men do look better with age. I am not attracted to all older men, i guess i am more attracted older men's success. I have a big crush on Hugh Jackman, Robert Downy Jr, George Cloony, and Brad Pitts. I mean these are all middle age men who has enormous success. My friends makes fun of me because of my idol choices. As most of you know i am also a huge fan of Mike He and Ethan Ruan. They are Taiwanese hottest young actors right now, but in my eyes they are great puppy love guys. But when it comes to passion and romance, only older men are the ones for me.

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