My Beautiful New Phone

This Christmas i got a really awesome Christmas gift from Rich. I am a huge Sony Ericsson Fan. To me, not even the iPhone can compare to their phones. I like to snap pictures of myself with my phone where ever i please, and with Sony making these wonderful phones with built-in cyber shot cameras, its like a dream come true! This phone has a 12.1 megapix camera, touch screen, wi-fi, MP3, and 3g. It's just everything a girl can ask for! I only wish they release more apps for it. I been having a hard time find games for it. I do love my phone oh so very much! ^_^


  1. You should post pictures of your phone. :)

    Also.. you accidentally used "sell" instead of "cell". <3 you and reading your blog! Glad you're being more active in blogging now.

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! It sort of looks like Samsung Memoir. I love that phone but I had to switch back to the G1 cuz I get too many repeated texts and it's less annoying with the text format that the G1 has.