Michelle Phan

I have always been a really big fan of Michelle Phan, i mean who isn't? The girl is an inspiration! I love her confidence, it isn't easy doing tutorials and get criticized by people you don't know.

Michelle and I started talking a couple of months ago when i helped her achieve the Snow White and Sailor Moon Video by helping her pick out lenses. Her ideas are so unique, and i can't think of anyone else who has done it.

I got a email from her today she shared with me her next video will be on Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Video.

I don't think anyone has any idea how hard this concept is. Her eyes are really photoshopped and it is unbelievably hard for anyone to achieve this eye look.
I am very interested in watching how Michelle Phan achieve this look. I have helped her picked out Max Pure Gray for this tutorial, that is the biggest lens and looks very similar to the video.

Another sneak peak is Michelle is also going to attempt a video tutorial on Avatar.

I Just watched the movie this past weekend. I watched the movie in 3D, it was absolutely Amazing. Can you imagine? Living in a world with so much color and beauty? It is so relaxing.

Michelle has requested lenses that looks similar to her eyes. Her eyes are Huge with a lime green transparent center. It is hard to achieve this look with Asian eyes especially with how dark our eyes are. I selected Adult Green and Max Pure green for her, and let her decide which looks similar to the picture.

Adult green gives that light crystal look, while the Max Pure green gives the enlargement. It would be much more realistic if those two can combine. Right now all it matter is the color, if either one of those lenses can help her achieve that beautiful Olive color, i would be satisfied.

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