I get a lot of emails asking about eyelashes. Most people like to know what my favorite lashes are and which ones i use the most. I have used almost every single brand of lashes out there. It took me a long time to find something that my eyes like.

Each style of lashes are different. Some darker fuller lashes are very sexy. They are perfect with dark makeup and light color lenses. They thickness of the lashes really brings out the lenses. The problem with thicker lashes is that if they are synthetic they can tend to be a little stiff. If you like to go for this look, i would recommend the higher quality hand made with real hair lashes.

People tend to get a little spooked out when they read "Human Hair" But all professional salon quality lashes are made from human hair. For example, Makeup Forever lashes, Mac Lashes, and Sephora lashes. All those lashes are $8.00~$15.00. They cost that much is because each lash is personalized and put together by hand. People spend a lot of money getting human hair extensions and it goes the same with eyelashes. It feel much more natural and blends really well. Synthetic lashes tend to give off a plastic shine, while the real lashes gives a more realistic glow.

The high quality lashes not have a thick lash bone. Beginner lash wearers tend to to forget to finalize their look by going over the lash bone with a dark eyeliner to blend in that white glue line that sometimes happens when you put too much glue is used. The high quality lashes have an invisible bone line which makes it much more easier for people who do not have time to finish every detail. This saves five minutes out of our day! Five minutes! To people who are always on the go and where time equal money. I find anything that saves me time is a great value. I don't mind spending a little bit more to save time, because time can help me earn more, learn more, and save more.


  1. I love your shop Janie! I just got my lashes in! I can't wait to wear them =) Happy New Year!

  2. i'm thinking about buying some lashes...

  3. The lashes are really nice, you should ^_^

  4. Hi Janie! Those eyelashes look a little too thick for me. But they look super cute on you!! And you looked cute in your new year pictures!! Glad you had a great New Years!!

  5. lol silly, u can get a thinner lash, there are many styles!