Family Mix with Business

Since I've started my business my mom has been wanting to help out. She tells her friends about my business and they would call me non-stop trying to do business with me. The thing they don't know is i travel all over the world to find the best prices, there is no wholesaler in the states i can get a better price from.

I am quite a softy when it comes to elders. I feel disrespectful if i put on my business face. I agree to do business with my mom's friend whom i call "Aunty". I told her i will try her products and see how well it will sell.

After along conversation of nothing, she told me the price she gets it for from her supplier. The price she gets is already pretty high, and i order for her to make money i will have to suffer. We came to an agreement i will take X amount to try first and she sends me Y amount, which is way more than i intended.

I was already upset she send me samples and made me paid for her shipping and now i have to spend money shipping the samples back to her because she requested them back. (Not a professional agreement, you don't tell the person you are trying to sell stuff to you send samples back.)

I am just very frustrated with this whole situation.

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  1. omg i went through with this before... i think this is common with asian families lolz