Death in the Family

1st horrible news in 2010 is the news of my cousin's death. He was found Friday night dead with gun shot to his head. The police suspected suicide pointing the gun to his chin and shot up. The news was shocking because i always thought he was a strong guy. He did not hang out with the nicest crowed when i younger, but he didn't seem like the guy that would take his own life.

I just can't imagine the pain he was in for him to do that.

R.I.P King, i hope you are in a better place.


  1. sorry about your cousin. may he R.I.P.

  2. Aw, i am so sorry to hear that! :(
    Death is a horrible thing.

  3. thats so sad! I hope your doing well :]

  4. Oh, no! That's so sad. :( I know my comment is late but I'm REALLY sorry about your loss!