Bad Accident

I hate to put this on blog because it seems so far 2010 has been quite a ride for the worst. But, also some what comforting to me to understand sweet comes after bitter. Perhaps if i can experience all the bad apples in 2010 in the beginning of the year the rest of the year would be very grand.

No i did not get in an car accident because i am a bad driver due to my Asian decent, but however i did get in a car accident while ridding in a car with an Asian driver lol. It was not our fault really, we are hit. We were hit by a drunk driver who could nearly taken our lives. We walked away with bruises and cuts, but if my friend was also drinking we wouldn't have been so lucky.

I can't say this enough to girls who ask me for advice about teen drinking. I am really against it. I occasionally let my little brother who just turn 16 have a taste of liquor at home. I do believe kids are curious, but with the proper teachings it will help them realize it's not that great of a thing.

Human in general like to do things that they are told not to do, when you suppress a kid's curiosity for that long, he or she will act out. Now i am no expert on drinking or on kids, but this is just my experience with help raising my little brother. My single mother is always busy with work, and not able to take care of us. People always tease us because i am more like a second mother to him than a sister. However, i do show my immaturity and sister bullying from time to time. It is only normal. ^_^

Either way, i am very glad that i walked away not seriously hurt and able to blog about it. Perhaps we were a lesson for that driver to experience. If just one of us died he would be put away in jail for a very long time.

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  1. seems like there has been so many accidents these days due to drunk driving...