The Apple of my eyes

I have gotten many responses from people about Ginger's situation. I am deeply apologetic if my emotional cry for help seem selfish and irresponsible. I deeply care about my puppy and it has been very difficult for me to accept the fact that i have to put her to sleep. The rational thing for me to do is just let her go because spending 2000~5000 dollars on a dog is crazy. I understand there are so much more people in this world who deserve this money, a puppy's life just seem so small compare to all the horrible things that are happening in this world. I understand all that, but my heart just can't let her go. I don't want to accept her life is less valuable than mine. I have two months to come up with the money. A lot of elders comfort me by telling me this dog is not a child, it's not worth the money to save. How can i justified that? I understand it's just a dog, but they are MY DOGS. They comfort me when i am sad, they get excited when they see me, they are the apples of my eyes. Its not something i can just let go......

Either way, i thank everyone's valuable opinions. If she is meant to live she is meant to live...

My Thank You and GiveAway video.


  1. I hope Ginger will receive enough donations for surgery!

  2. If i had lots of money, i would donate to you. :)