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It's been like two years since i've blogged. I had some personal issues and it stopped me from doing the things I once enjoyed doing. For example, blogging, making tutorials, doing reviews, and just simply interact with people. I believe most of you follow me on facebook, so you guys probably know that I've been depressed and just went spiraling down uncontrollably. I was traumatized by the Murder of Larry and wasn't able to pick myself up.  Every trauma that happened in my life just knocked me down farther from reality. I lost motivation in my work, I lost interest in spending time with friends and family. I would just hide in my room and made my world smaller to protect myself. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to talk to anyone about my problems. I mean after all I am a Boss. I held on to my ego, and that tormented me. Because of my lack of movement, i started gaining weight. At one point i was at 200 pounds. I went from 125 pounds to 200 pounds. I was so embarrassed, I didn't want to see anyone. Stepping out of the house I am risking someone seeing me. I gave myself the excuse that if my customers see me, they would not shop at Pretty&Cute anymore.

However those were just negative lies that my brain has created to keep me depressed. After years of just allowing this disease consume me, I finally got helped. It took me a long time to pick myself backup. I no longer blame myself for all the bad things that has happened in life. I no longer feel pitiful, and I am no longer angry at life. When i encounter stress, i automatically tell myself.

"You can't always control what happens, but you can control how you react."

I am slowly losing weight. I started showing my face again. I slowly got back to work. I created positive structure for myself which ultimately will become good habits. I now know the importance of structure. Without structure we are lost and just don't know what to do with ourselves. I mean yes, sleeping in and not getting out of bed is nice, once in a while. If we take for granted of this luxury, we will eventually get sick of it and by that time we would of lost ourselves and have to learn how to become part of society again. I don't regret what happened to me, that is part of my history I cannot change. What i can change is my future. When i got back to work, not a single one of my customers mentioned my weight. Not one of them behaved like I imagined. All the horrible things I told myself was all in my head. I am grateful that I have people I can rely on, or else i wouldn't have a job to go back to. Pretty&Cute would of closed down and the sad thing is the old me wouldn't have cared one bit...

Because of my absence and self pity I let the people who supported me down. For this, I apologize. I never intended to make the people who believed in me worry about me. To my family and friends I'm sorry I wasn't there for you guys when you needed me. Thank you for still being apart of my life. For my Pretty&Cute staff, thank you girls so much for keeping Pretty&Cute at float even without a leader. I cannot imagine it to be easy working for a company where you have no idea what direction it's going towards.

"Sincerely, From the bottom of my heart, Thank you"

The beauty industry has changed so much since I've been gone. There is a lot for me to learn and a lot of discussions ahead of me... I am excited ^_^ !!

Holika Holika Snail BB Cream V.S Skin79 Hot pink

Earlier this month I made an announcement that Skin79 is restructuring their market pricing and will push their legal authorize dealers to follow this market change. Since PRETTY&CUTE™ (Yup we been officially trademarked since 1/30/13 yay)  is Skin79 largest distribution company in the U.S we would have no choice to follow this price change. Currently only Skin79 North America and Pretty&Cute is recognize as Authorize distributors in the North America region. Skin79northamerica.com is located in Canada and handles Canada distributing. Prettyandcute.com handles the U.S Market.

I think this change has to do with competing with Dr. Jart's pricing in the U.S. Dr. Jart has a strict pricing guideline because of Sephora. Skin79 needs to reconstruct their market value if they want to pursue the U.S Market.

Skin79 Hot Pink and  VIP Gold are our biggest sellers. People really like how the Skin79 oxidizes. Since we started in 2008, we now carry over 50 different types of bb cream. It's overwhelming even for me to decide which bb cream to use sometimes. I find bb cream different from foundation because each BB cream oxidizes differently. Only the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream 50ml stays true to it's color. However that is only good news if your skin tone is that exact same shade as the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream 50ml. The skin79 BB creams comes only in those shades because in most cases it oxidize within several shades of it's original color. That means if you are a little bit darker than the original color, you will slowly see it oxidizes into a more matching color to your skin tone as the day goes by.

Majority of our customers are at the range of NC30-NC35. This is the perfect skin tone matching the Skin79 Hot Pink & VIP Gold. So I went on a BB cream hunt for a similar shade as the Skin79 bb creams.

The Holika Holika: Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream SPF30++ has a very close color comparison to the Skin79 bb creams. The Holika Holika: Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream SPF30++ was one of my top choices to try first. Snail products has became increasingly popular within the past few years. It's news of it's powerful anti-aging hit the Korean market like a rapid fire. One cosmetic company came out with a snail product every cosmetic company came out with snail products. I'm projecting within the next couple of years this will have the same effect in the U.S market. 

The first Snail BB cream I saw was the Missha Snail BB cream. I spotted it when I was in Korea. At that time it was still fairly new. Especially to me since I was a traveler. I've never been a fan of Missha products, so I took some testers and  left. After I came back from Korea I started getting news from all the cosmetic companies I work with that they are coming out with a snail bb cream and that I need to learn about the effects of snail.

So I took their knowledge course and find that Snail bb cream is super beneficial for our skin. I mean it's organic. Nothing is more pure on our skin than something that was produce naturally.

Product Reviews
Holika Holika Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream is a total solution BB cream. Includes mucin found from the skin restoration effect of snail. When injured, snails retain the miraculous renewal energy to heal wounds with naturally constituted secretion. The secret of self-healing power of the snail comes from the naturally constructed secretion called mucin.

  • Heals skin imperfections
  • Slows cell digeneration
  • Natural firming properties
  • Moisturizes
  • SPF

How to Apply:
Take an appropriate amount and apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. With the tips of your fingers spread bb cream evenly throughout your face. To avoid bb cream from caking, let sit for 5 minutes before building bb cream up for more coverage, and before apply any loose powders to set it with.

 The Holika Holika: Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream SPF30++ doesn't have a gray cast like most bb cream. It oxidize to a more mellow yellow tone which is perfect for most Asians. This BB cream does contain SPF, so in my book it's a day coverage solution. If you wear it at night, it will make you look pale as a ghost. >.<

With my super pale chubby hand you can see the BB cream seams to oxidized very closed to my skin tone. It covered the vein that is located on the right side of my hand. It has very good coverage compare to most BB cream I've used.

The original color of two BB cream is very similar. 

However the Holika Holika: Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream SPF30++ on the right has a more yellowish tone compare to the skin79 hot pink once it's oxidized. 

So in conclusion I would prefer the Holika Holika: Prime Miracle Snail BB Cream SPF30++ over the Skin79 because of it's healing and anti-aging properties. Also the yellowish tone suits my skin color more. Maybe because I'm super pale, I find the grey cast doesn't go away no matter how long I let it sit for. The only con about this bb cream which is true to a lot of bb creams is that it tends to get a bit oily, so retouch is a must. If you have super oily skin, remember to use a makeup fixer or powder to absorb the oil. 

I hope you guys find this review and comparison helpful. I will be back with more reviews and comparison soon. Let me know if there is any BB cream you particularly want me to do a review on. Thanks for visiting my blog! <3 

Click here to see all the BB cream Pretty&Cute Carries. 

Lioele is discontinuing some colors from the Blooming Gloss line

This is the first bad news I've gotten in 2013. Lioele informed us that they will be discontinuing some of the colors from the Blooming Gloss line. I've been a fan of the Blooming Gloss ever since I started distributing their brand. It's one of my most recommend products by Lioele. It's so sad to know they will be discontinuing some of the colors because it's not as popular.

In a business perspective I totally understand, but as a fan I am quite disappointed. Lipstick and Lip glosses are like shoes. There is no such thing is unpopular colors. It simply goes with the style of makeup and clothing you have on that day. I don't know anyone who has just one color of lipstick or lip gloss in their makeup collection.

I love the Blooming Gloss with a passion because it's the only lip gloss I've tried that my hair doesn't stick to. I even quit lip glosses for awhile because I was so annoyed with the fact that my hair keeps sticking to my lips. I couldn't drive with the windows open or enjoy a simple day out. The Blooming Gloss kept my lips moist and shinny without the stickiness. It was love at first touch.

Sigh, all I can do is collect a couple of sets for myself. Korean products do have a pretty long shelf life. Hopefully I will discover another lip gloss I can fall in love with before I run out.

New haircut and color.

I notice I have a habit of coloring and cutting my hair at the beginning of the year. Maybe it's because it's close to my birthday or that I like starting the new tear with a fresh look.

Recently we started carrying FreshLight hair dyes. Their product packaging didn't have super pretty models, but I find the dolls super appealing. I think they are cute.

I chose a pretty dark color. I'm surprised it turned out very close to the description. I actually like this more than the Palty hair dye. I really like the color, but I think it's a bit dark for my skin tone. It washes my skin tone out. I think I will try their Vanilla Beige next time.

Best facial cleanser hands down!

Over the years I've tried many facial cleansers. However none really motivated me to write a review for.  A couple of days ago a new shipment of Skin79 came in. One of the bottle of the Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel leaked. Since the product was not in top shape condition we set the product aside and not sell it. A lot of the times I take the opportunity and take the product home and test it. I am so glad I did! Currently I am using Lioele's AC control foam cleanser. As much as I like the foam cleanser I can't help by knocking it down a couple of stars because it's ability to dry out our skin. I needed an softer everyday cleanser.

In the past I've used the Elishacoy BB all in one cleanser which was raved about by Jen frmheadtotoe.com and other popular gurus. I personally didn't find this particular cleanser to be amazing or did any beneficial changes to my skin. In fact I find it to be pretty drying.

What I love about the Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel is that it didn't dry out my skin. It actually soften and moisturized my skin like I've just spend 30 minutes using a facial mask. I was especially surprised at the cleanser's ability to remove makeup. Usually with Elishacoy I needed to use a couple of pumps and also leave product on my face for couple of seconds to removed makeup. Even at that it didn't remove my makeup all the way. It would leave eyeliner or mascara on my eyes. With the Skin79 I used one pump and it took all my makeup off. It didn't even sting my eyes.

After 9 hours of using the cleanser my face still feels soft as baby's skin. I was truly amazed by it. The softness of my skin wasn't shiny soft. I didn't see any shiny oil on my face. Usually with moisturizers that softens or moisturize it sometimes leaves skin oily or a dry tightening shine. This particular product didn't. The only complain I have for this product is you will be constantly touching your face because how soft it feels lol.

If you try this product let me know what you think about it~? I honestly wish Skin79 makes mini samples of this cleanser so I can let people try this amazing product before purchasing it. I haven't been this excited about an particular product in a very long time.

Product Reviews
Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel is made with a moisture-rich water-type gel formula that neatly removes makeup residue, toxins, and blackheads and makes skin feel fresh and smooth without tightness.  Skin-DX Coplex, made with Lotus Flower and Elaeagnus Umbellate Extract help to maintain clean and lively skin while patented ingredient Levan Extract provides nutrition and a moisturizing effect for better overall skin health. Plus Oliga-HA maintains skin’s oil-moisture balance while Eco Milk Complex protects the skin from external irritants.

Directions:  Pump an adequate amount on wet palm to foam up and gently massage on skin. Allow cleanser deep cleanse skin by allowing it to sit on skin for 30 seconds.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • Cleanses
  • Removes Makeup
  • Cleans Pores
  • Moisturizes
  • Soften dry patches
  • No Tightness

Recommend for: 
  • All skin type

30% off everything! on Prettyandcute.com

Man it's been a long time since I've written a blog. I've been so caught up with other social networks like instagram and facebook, I've totally neglect my blog. Oh well~ I'm back. I realize that my blog is the only place I can sit and write in details of my opinion and thoughts. Anywhere else just seem like too big of a post. However, since I've been away I've learned so much and explored so much, I can't wait to share with you all.

First things first! Today is the last day of our Pink Friday Sale. We are having a 30% off on everything. Like every year (exception of last because I was in Asia), I would go on blogtv the night off and help answer some questions customers might have. A frequent question or a question I don't think is answered enough is, What products am I getting the best deal on? Personally I think 30% off any cosmetics especially Asian cosmetic is a good deal! That is because you are able to purchase these goodies at a wholesaler's price and without a wholesaler's restriction (minimum quantity, license and such). However, of course with any store there are just some product that is a must buy. If you are not purchasing these products you are not taking the full advantage of this sale.

Quick last minute shopping tip! Which product you will get the best value on from our Pink Friday sale.

1) BB Creams. 30% off Authentic bb creams straight from the manufacture is a steal. Usually you will have to get a minimum quantity to get this deal because of wholesale. Also you are getting it from a reputable store without having to worry if the deal you got is because you are purchasing a fake product. http://bit.ly/ML1IkF

2) Clip on extensions! $16 dollars for 23" top quality extensions are a must have. It's always nice to have extensions around! It's basically an non-expirable makeup product. http://bit.ly/yMu4FU

3) Lip glosses! You can never have too many lip glosses. Lioele's Blooming gloss has nearly perfect reviews! Take the opportunity and grab every color! They are only $8.60 with the sale http://bit.ly/Ykc9R5

4) Skin care products!! Almost every girl I know have something to complain about with there skin. Take the opportunity to stock up on some skin care products and start preparing for beautiful skin for the summer. (Especially the masks $.80~$1.20 per piece!)  http://bit.ly/V2zMan

5) Lashes! I don't know if you go through lashes as much as I do, but man can they get expensive. With this sale some of the lashes are well below a dollar. False lashes are another non-expirable product. It's always fun to have different styles of lashes around. http://bit.ly/KcIhfl

Holika Holika: Bulgarian Rose

When we first started carrying Holika Holika products, they send us a bunch of samples. Among the samples, Bulgarian Rose was one of them. I started out using the moisturizer at night and immediately i felled in love with the scent. It's not a strong rose smell, but a very sweet floral fragrance. Usually when I decide if I want to carry a certain product I test it out for at least 2 weeks. After using the sample set for the second day I decided this is a must have Item.

I have combination skin. When I don't drink enough water, get enough rest, or if I don't watch my diet, my skin would get really dry. I love products you can feel and see immediate results. Bulgarian rose happens to be one of those products. After I use it, I can feel my skin feeling softer. The next morning when I wake up, the dry patches I had the day before would be gone.

I especially like the Bulgarian Rose eye cream. In the past, followers has pointed out how dry and flaky the skin around my eyes were when they watched my tutorials. After noticing the flaws, the reason the skin around my eyes are so dry is because I don't use any eye creams. The skin under our eyes are very delicate. it needs a lot more moisture than other areas of the face. The Bulgarian Rose eye cream is a very condensed cream that is much more moisturizing than regular lotion. Of course, eye creams are only meant for eyes, if you apply it anywhere else it might be too thick and oily. 

For the face, I love the Bulgarian Rose Serum. Since I have combination skin, there are areas of my face I can't risk have too much moisture on. The serum is non-stick and just enough moisture my skin needs without clogging my pores. I love love love this product. I love the smell and I especially love the results. 

A lot of my friend's mom always ask me to recommend them eye products because at a certain age our eyes starts to sag and need even more moisture. A long with a good firming & wrinkle care serum I always recommend them the Bulgarian Rose set. This is one of those products you will buy and fall in love with instantly. 

Get the sample set and try it out for yourself. Click here to buy

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